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Wednesday, April 17

Grandkid Gift Ideas for Mother's Day

You may already have discovered how much your mom loves your kids' school art projects, especially those intended specifically for her. So what could be a more perfect way to celebrate Mother’s Day than by presenting her with something original from your children?

If you’re thinking, “I’m not a crafty type and I can’t help my kids produce beautiful, crafty things,” remember this doesn’t have to be a complicated process. It can be an ideal complement to the Mothers Day flowers by FTD that you and your siblings are planning to have delivered. By taking the time to be just a little creative with your kids, you can make sure Mom has an unforgettable day.

She's Crafty

One adorable idea is explained in a four-minute easy-to-watch instructional video featuring a mother-daughter duo. The mom in the video even suggests that kids make this creation — a paper purse — with their mom, so you and your kids can put this together as a family project focusing on Grandma. This project literally requires just two folds in a sheet of rectangular paper and a single diagonal cut to design the basic “canvas.” The rest of the project is decoration, which can be simple or elaborate.

Another four-minute video explains how to help your kids make other straightforward projects, including a decorated ceramic cup and a “handprint” vase. Did you know you can use your oven to make paint applied at home permanent? This video contains fun suggestions that almost certainly will make your mom smile.

Flower Power

Handmade dried-flower art also can be easier to create than you thought; you just have to build in time for living flowers to lose moisture. All you need for that part is an empty vase in which you let your favorite variety of flowers sit and dry out. Then, you and your kids can start making a keepsake bookmark or a framed masterpiece using a paintbrush, multiple colors of acrylic paint, all-in-one glue/sealer/finish called Mod Podge and a large sheet of paper.

Put It on the Calendar

Here’s a slightly more streamlined idea: if your mom’s birthday occurs in the second half of the year, have your kids decorate a June through December calendar (create the foundation by recreating each calendar month horizontally on a separate piece of paper and then binding the pages together across the top). They can put extra decorations, including paint, crayons or markers, glitter, buttons, yarn or fabric on the page with Grandma’s birthday month and add extra-special flourishes to the date square that is her actual birthday. A construction paper cover for the calendar can be decorated by your kids, too.

Feeling a little less adventurous? Have your kids design a handmade Mother’s Day card. You can follow instructions from a Pinterest page that specifically focuses on creating a card for Grandma. Or, ask your kids to write a special poem for her. If you’re reluctant to tackle a crafts project, remember that a gift certificate from your kids for a massage, a manicure or pedicure or your mom’s favorite restaurant will most certainly be appreciated. Anything from the heart speaks volumes.

Contributed by:
Lesley Morrow
Lesley is a stay-at-home mom, activist and theatre director. She loves being busy and writing about all her adventures.


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