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Getting Honest in our Kitchen

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I consider myself pretty health and environmentally conscious, and even more so since I became a mother.  It probably comes from my upbringing in the Pacific Northwest - where I was exposed to the glorious plethora of outdoor activities, gaining a deep appreciation for the Earth we live on.  Over the past several years, with the shift out of complacency and a deepening awareness of the damage our human lives easily cause to this big green planet we call home, I've constantly looked for ways to reduce our family's impact on the environment, as well as on our own bodies.  

It seems that every other day there is a new ingredient added to the list of potential toxins we are exposed to -- it's enough to make any person, let alone this parent, worried about what is put within arm's reach of our little ones.  This year, I've made a special focused commitment to living "Lean, Green & Clean," which essentially means that I am focused on making sure our family is being active, eating whole foods and reducing our environmental impact.  A lot of this commitment starts where I would say I spend a good chunk of my day, my kitchen.
From washing dishes, to putting together meals, our family spends a lot of time hanging out in the kitchen.  One of my personal favorite activities is baking grain-free goodies with Zion, teaching her that we can still enjoy delicious baked treats that follow our paleo lifestyle.  And at not even 3 yet, Zion has a love for baking and cooking that reminds me of when I was around her age and loved being in the kitchen with my mom.  The last thing I want to worry about while spending time with Zion, or even my husband, in the kitchen is the potentially toxic chemicals they might be exposed to.  That is why we recently made the switch to The Honest Company in our kitchen.
Zion is at the precious age where she practically lives for helping me out with whatever I'm doing and she wants to be able to do things independently that make her feel purposeful.  Now that we have switched out our old cleaning products for Honest products - I have no problem letting her help me wipe down our surfaces or load the dishwasher.  I love how she beams with pride when she is able to do the household chores with me.
The Honest Company is even helping to make our cooking adventures worry-free by helping us to clean our fresh fruits and veggies of any pesticides or wax residues they may have been exposed to before ending up in our kitchen.  And the added perk of knowing many of our produce items will keep fresher longer when using this wash is a total bonus!
Seeing these two smiles after baking yummy cupcakes makes me smile!!  I feel good knowing that we are using non-toxic, eco-friendly cleaning products --- so this mama doesn't have to worry about our fun in the kitchen, or even the clean-up afterward.  Check out more of the great natural kitchen cleaning products available from The Honest Company:
Though our Honest journey has just begun in our kitchen, we won't be stopping there!  We plan on making the switch in all the areas of our home including laundry, bathroom and even diapers and wipes!  If you are like me, you may be wondering how much more you will spend when you make the switch to natural, eco-friendly products, and that is the best part, with the Honest Company's subscription bundles you spend close to what you would probably spend anyway and in return you gain the priceless gift of peace-of-mind!

You can sign up for special email offers and new product releases or better yet, start making the switch today with a FREE TRIAL of the Family Essentials Bundle or Diapers & Wipes Bundle!  First time customers of The Honest Company can save $10 off a $40 purchase using code: 10off40Pollinate (offer expires May 8, 2013 and is limited to first time customers only).

The Honest Company is a Certified B Corporation, which means they are dedicated to making a profound social difference, taking care of our beautiful planet and the people who inhabit it. Their products are designed to be effective, sustainable and safe! As a partner with, a non-profit that provides baby essentials and clothing to families in need, you can feel especially good knowing that every purchase at the Honest Company is working full circle for the greater good.

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  1. Me too Cathy! The more Zion wants to spend time with me in the kitchen, the more it convicts me to be vigilant about what is around our food and bodies. I'm grateful to have found a really quality alternative that seems affordable enough to make the switch permanently. Thanks for your comment! Hope you give these products a try!


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