Wednesday, April 3

Spring Ombre Nail Kit Instagram Giveaway

Spring Ombre Nail Kit Giveaway

Spring Ombre Nail Kit Giveaway by baxtronlife featuring a nail polish

Open to Instagram followers of @BaxtronLife. Rules: Follow @BaxtronLife, Reshare photo (must be a public profile, private won't count), Tag @BaxtronLife & use #SpringOmbreGiveaway hashtag. Giveaway runs 4/3-4/10/13. One entry per day of the giveaway. U.S. Residents 18 & Over only!


  1. I see unable to be able to purchase any nailpolish through their site.It says insert site fail, try again. But the product I want looks to be in stock!

  2. Chelle ThompsonApril 07, 2013

    Follow on instagram as armywifenmomma

  3. I'm so sorry you are having so much trouble!! Eep! Find me on twitter - send me a dm with your cell number and I can text you the image - you should be able to save it to your pictures then upload it on instagram! Sorry for your trouble! XO courtney


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