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Wednesday, May 8

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Lifeway ProBugs Frozen Kefir

Lifeway Probugs Frozen Kefir
This shop is part of a social shopper marketing insight campaign with Pollinate Media Group™ and Lifeway Kefir but all my opinions are my own.  #pmedia #lifewayprobugs
In our house we are always looking for great ways to incorporate healthy eating, and several months ago we discovered Lifeway Kefir.  Kefir is a creamy probiotic dairy beverage that promotes gut-health by re-establishing necessary intestinal microflora.  Essentially it makes our tummies feel great! Lifeway Kefir is gluten-free, and made with organic milk from grass-fed cows!

When we had the chance to pick up Lifeway Probugs Frozen Kefir, their new product made with kids in mind, I couldn't wait to see how Zion would like it.  I think you can tell from the picture above that all it took was one taste for her to be a big fan.

Of course, I like to get a little fancy with my frozen treats, so I thought up the perfect Summer dessert that you can eat totally guilt-free, a frozen kefir fruit and nut parfait!
While I created this yummy parfait with layers of berries, coconut and Lifeway Probugs - with me in mind, when Zion saw me bring it outside she couldn't help herself.  And I don't blame her at all - the girl definitely gets her love of frozen treats from me.  I love that this healthy probiotic abundant snack can be considered a treat!
kefir parfait recipe
After enjoying our Lifeway Probugs for several days, we decided to do something fun with our leftover tubes.  We are big on recycling in our family and I love that so many things can be reused and re-purposed, even if its just for the sake of getting our craft on!

With Zion's birthday just around the corner, and a batch of cake pops getting ready to be made this week, I thought these containers would make a perfect backdrop to our cake pop stand.  We started out by painting the containers, then after they were dried fully we used a paper fastener to hold the tubes together.  
diy birthday decor
We used glue and glitter to write on the tubes and will use a popsicle stick or possibly cake pop sticks to attach it to our stand.  For the final display I'm going to make you wait until later this week, that way you can get the big reveal with the cake pops made.

We are now big fans of Lifeway Probugs Frozen Kefir - which you can find in the freezer section at your local Whole Foods.  They come in three delicious and fun flavors: StrawNana Split, Goo-Berry Pie and Orange Creamy Crawler.  You can sign-up for coupons and offers from Lifeway here.

To learn more about Lifeway and their products connect with them here:
Web // Twitter // Facebook // Pinterest.

Have you tried Kefir?  Do you think your kids will love this healthy frozen snack?  Let me know if you give these a try!



  1. The fruit and nut parfait looks amazing - and, I LOVE the photo of your little girl holding the Pro Bug - that company needs to sign her up as a spokesperson!

  2. sandyalamodeMay 23, 2013

    ok yum! this looks soo good!!

    Sandy a la Mode


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