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Wednesday, June 5

Lullaby Versions of Bruno Mars

I received a complimentary album from TTLRS for the purpose of this review.  

Musically speaking, we embrace quite a variety in our household.  While my husband is a largely Hip-Hop and R&B enthusiast, I embrace everything from Indie to Alternative to Electronic.  It is no wonder than that if you ask Zion what some of her favorite songs are, you will get a mix of our influences.

It is definitely one of my desires that Zion be well rounded in her musical appreciation, so I try to play different kinds of music frequently.  Truth be told her very first jam was Esperanza Spalding's "Little Fly" at the age of 18 months!  While variety is important, sometimes I worry about the lyrics she is exposed to and so I've often searched for ways I can introduce basic melodies and rhythms without impressing the adult lyrics.

A fun way to do this is instrumental versions of modern songs, and in the case of today's review - lullaby versions!  A few months ago I learned about Twinkle Twinkle Little Rock Star, a production group that turns your favorite songs from all genres into relaxing and beautiful melodies perfect for unwinding, doing yoga or soothing your little ones.

When they recently released Lullaby Versions of Bruno Mars, I jumped at the chance to sample the album, and I couldn't be more happy to share about it with you today.

The album features the best of Bruno Mars, including "Just The Way You Are", "Locked Out of Heaven", and "Grenade", all in whimsical lullaby versions.  Even though I requested a review sample of this album mostly to share with Zion, I find myself listening to it by myself quite often!

Twinkle Twinkle Little Rockstar has such a variety to choose from!  Alicia Keys, Nirvana, Taylor Swift and even Lady Gaga!!  You've never enjoyed your favorites presented this way before!  You can purchase most of these albums on Amazon Digital for $5.99!

Let me know which ones you'd love to get your hands on!

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  1. music is really important to our family as well. we try to encourage our children in all creative pursuits =) looks like a fun listen!


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