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Wednesday, July 24

Alyeska Tramway, Girdwood - Alaska

 Our trip to Alyeska Resort was made memorable by our ride up the Alyeska Tramway to the top of the Ski Resort.  At the top, there is a cafe, fine dining restaurant and small museum/gift shop.  There are also numerous hiking trails during the warmer months in Alaska.  The views from the top were breathtaking, not only of mountains and glaciers, but of the Girdwood harbor.  We spent hours on top of the mountain, but it didn't seem like it, it was a magical sort of slowing of time - peaceful and serene.
 My mother-in-law had us snap a group shot for the Columbus newspaper's travel section.  :) Who knows, my photo might get featured!  After lunch and some looking around, I decided to solo climb about halfway up Mighty Mite, one of the steep trails up to the next highest summit.  I felt so invigorated hiking up in the snow and taking in the majestic scenery.
If you head to Alyeska Resort, I'd highly recommend taking the Alyeska Tramway.  I've heard it is complimentary if you book a reservation at the fine dining establishment.  It offers some of the most breathtaking views of the mountains and waterways of Girdwood, Alaska.  

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