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Monday, July 1

Byron Glacier & Portage Lake - Alaska

Portage Lake
Byron Creek Byron Glacier
To kick off hiking season in Alaska, we headed south of Anchorage toward the tunnel to Whittier.  About an hour to an hour and a half down the Seward Highway, you get to Portage Lake, and the Begich Boggs Visitor Center.  Portage Lake was still very much frozen and you can no longer view the Portage Glacier from the road as it is quickly retreating (about 1 foot per day).  

We had Byron Glacier Trail recommended to us as a good family-friendly hike, so we took Zion as well as a few other co-workers and hit the trail.  We were surprised by the fact that this relatively flat and busy trail was still covered in a lot of snow, but we hit it anyway, secretly enjoying the extra calorie burn from walking in slushy snow as opposed to bare ground.

The trail was short and definitely easily navigated by the most novice of hikers.  We arrived to the snow field just below the glacier and had few options to where to go from there.  A couple of Jerry's coworkers weren't prepared for the snow so they had soaked feet by the time we arrived at the snow field.  Jerry, Zion and I headed to a patch of rocks and hiked up a small hill to get to them, and from there I snapped a few close-ups of the glacier while we snacked on fresh cherries and beef jerky.

It was a great intro to hiking out in the Alaska wilderness and definitely got me excited for more of these Summer activities!


  1. Christa DawnJuly 02, 2013

    oh, wow. I would say something, but I'm speechless.
    What breathtaking pictures!!


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