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Thursday, July 25

Girdwood Area & Bird Point - Alaska

 On our way back from Alyeska Resort & Tramway, we made a brief stop at the Alaska Candle Factory.  We had a fun little conversation with the owner who has decided to sell the shop and retire.  We left with a couple of really unique handmade candles and this great picture of my mother-in-law in front of the shop with the totem.  A little while later we made a last stop at Bird Point, to catch the incoming Tidal Bore, which was insanely overhyped.
 When we first arrived there were quite a few people, but over the hour or so that we awaited to see this "historic" event, the place was pretty packed.  We honestly expected a lot more due to all the hype but had a good laugh at this "epic" wave that rushed in to bring in the tide.  Behold the magical Tidal Bore:
 At least Zion seemed to find plenty of entertainment in picking dandelions and blowing their seeds all over the place.  :)

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