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Monday, July 29

Jellys Are Back!

Zion's Style: Summer Edition

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We are halfway through Summer time and anxiously looking forward to our upcoming vacation to Oahu, Hawaii.  Summer is such a glorious time of the year.  I don't know about you, but for me on days where the sun is shining and the sky is blue I simply feel lighter on my feet.  Maybe its not having to pack extra layers to shield from the weather, or maybe its just the warmth of the sun on my body, either way, I have always been a Summer loving girl.

Zion seems to be following in my sun-loving footsteps as well and every day she tells us how excited she is for Hawaii and playing at the beach.  If she only knew how mutually excited Jerry and I are --- we've always wanted to take a trip to the islands!  We've been doing a bit of shopping lately to get ready for our trip, and can I take a minute here to just brag on my gorgeous little girl?  I love shopping but Zion takes it to a whole 'nutha level!  It all began with her very first trip to the shoe store, since then she has shown no sign of curbing her love of shoes and all things girly and pink.

I think that is why I am most excited to inform you today, in case you didn't catch my vibrant headline above, that Jellys are BACK!!!  For me, Jellys are like a rite of passage into all things girly and all things fashion.  I remember every Summer getting a fresh pair of Jellys to rock to the beach, the park, family BBQs, and pretty much any place we went.  Now I get to share this timeless Summer fashion accessory with my little girl.  And no surprise there, she has fallen head over heels in love with her new pink Jellys.
I love Zion's growing sense of style.  Forget the fact that if she could only wear pink everything for the rest of her days she'd be content.  She actually does a great job of picking out her own outfits, often coming up with some very trendy combinations.  The outfit she picked on this day is one of my favorites and it was her choice!  The Jellys just bring this whole look together.  You couldn't find a better shoe to match her personality.
Its been difficult to get her to wear any other shoes now that she has found her perfect pair of Jellys.  Honestly, I have no complaints with that.  I love how versatile these shoes are - you can wear them to the beach or playground, wear them casual or with a dress for a family function - they are the perfect shoe for any occasion.  And they are comfortable and functional too!
Zion got her gorgeous pink Jellys from Jelly Beans, an Australian company that just launched their U.S. store! Seeing Zion in her Jellys makes me miss wearing them myself!  Now it is my turn to get a pair!  The only struggle I'm having is deciding which color to get!  Or maybe I should just get a couple different colors?  With free shipping on all U.S. orders and a 30-day money-back guarantee, why not!?  

Did you have Jellys when you were younger?  Ready to rock these fabulous Summer shoes again?  Which color would you pick!?

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