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Friday, July 26

West Rib Pub & Denali View South

Talkeetna - Alaska

 Meet "Seward's Folly" an epic Man vs. Food-worthy burger served up to willing tummies at the West Rib Pub in Talkeetna, Alaska.  This was our second trip to Talkeetna, the first being earlier in the year when my mom and step-dad were up for a visit.  It was on the first trip that we learned about this epic 5 pound burger and made the commitment to come back at some point to attempt it.
 My father-in-law and husband willingly subjected their poor tummies to this monstrous cow-and-pork tanker, sadly eating only about one-third to one-half of the beast.  It made for great entertainment for the three of us who wouldn't dare, as well as most everyone else sitting outside that afternoon.
 Meanwhile, back on the more realistic portion side of things, I enjoyed my crispy halibut nuggets with delicious parmesan garlic fries and a slaw that I actually enjoyed eating (not a cole slaw fan here folks but I always try it).  Zion attempted the vegetable spring rolls with thai peanut dipping sauce but lets be real, at three she may have tried a multitude of foods, but if its not the typical kid-finger-food its probably going to be a struggle.
 After lunch we were desperate to to find Mt. McKinley which was hidden in a cloud cover from the usually great vantage point in Talkeetna.  We drove about 30 minutes north to Denali View South, which ended up being a brilliant idea.  The mountains were simply too epic to capture with a camera.  They just tower over the horizon like giants.  Its amazing to be standing their looking at the highest point in North America.  Beautiful.

I think I've finally caught you up on the adventures of the last month in Alaska!  We've been enjoying endless sunshine here, midnight sunsets which are just starting to fade and just being together as a family.  Its crazy to think that August will mark six months on this crazy adventure, and that it will also be our last month here. 

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