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Wednesday, August 28

Summer Outfits: Floral & Lace

 I am pretty sure the last style post that featured clothing larger than a size 3T was sometime in early 2012, so today's post comes with some hesitation and some excitement.  I will never classify myself as a fashion blogger, because I am still figuring out my own personal sense of style.  During a season of my life a few years earlier, I donated most of my wardrobe before setting out on a crazy mission trip across the country, shortly after, I added fashion back into my life just in time for my wedding and honeymoon, but then a season of lack forced me to stop buying and by the time I was able to purchase a thing or two I had become a mom - with a new identity to figure out.
 I figured our Hawaii vacation was a good enough reason to get myself back into some stylish clothing, I mean, who doesn't like to look good while they are on vacation?  I did a lot of shopping at Target and Plato's Closet.  To tell you the truth, I'm still quite unsure of myself in terms of what is right for me as a mother or even as a 30 something woman.  I'm hoping that I will grow as I continue to share my Summer outfits, as well as my Fall looks.  I was recently told during a twitter party that moms above 30 should not shop at Forever 21, I know, I know, how dare they say that! At the same time, I don't want to be dressing inappropriately for my age.
Floral & Lace Denim Shorts c/o Target
Woven Ankle Boots c/o Target
I will admit that I picked up these floral and lace denim shorts from Target's Juniors section, so I guess that means I'm throwing all of the rules out the window.  I love these shorts, how could I pass them up!?  Oh and please disregard my pasty white legs in these pictures, I promise I got some sun in Hawaii so future pictures shouldn't be so blinding! Ha! Have you found your sense of style since becoming a mom?  Do you dress age-appropriate??


  1. cupcakebeautyAugust 29, 2013

    I shop the juniors section too! Don't feel bad!

  2. Brittany BellingSeptember 01, 2013

    I'm a mom and I very much shop from the Juniors section, it's just cuter clothing! I love those shorts!

  3. Feel better knowing I'm not the only one!


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