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Tuesday, September 3

Hawaiian Islands Vacation / Oahu Day 1

I have to apologize for my delay in getting these Hawaii posts going - it has been such a crazy time of going and going for us, one that won't be slowing down for a while yet!  Our first day in Oahu started with a little trip to see the beach and a fish feeding in the lagoon.  Zion got her handful of fish feed and a chart of the potential types of fish she might see, and quickly headed to the water.  The fish were super fast, so a few minutes later as we turned to head up the beach for breakfast, we were surrounded by birds hoping to get the feed that would wash up on shore.
For breakfast we ate on the resort at Naupaka Terrace, the on-site casual dining restaurant.  There was an extensive Sunday buffet as an option as well as their regular buffet and menu ordering.  Right before I left on this trip I found out I was allergic to chicken, so I opted for the buffet which included red meat and seafood options.  This was our best resort dining experience, aside from the in-room meals I will share with you later in the trip.
One of the best things about dining at the Naupaka Terrace was the location in proximity to the shark pool.  We could literally watch the sharks swimming around from our table.  And let me just tell you about eating fresh Papaya in Hawaii!! I've had papaya a few times in other places, but never did it taste as delicious as the fresh papaya readily available here!
After our breakfast we did some hangout time at the beach and then shortly after, took a walk along the beachwalk.  The trees and plants in Oahu are beautiful and unique.  I love the fragrance that is in the air, a mix of salty ocean and fragrant fruits and florals!  There are so many plants and trees and flowers that caught my attention while there!
For dinner, we headed off the resort to a delicious mexican restaurant called "Just Tacos" and, no, they didn't serve only Tacos.  We feasted on nachos, beans and rice and chipotle buttered shrimp before heading back to our room for the evening.  Our first day in the sun left me a bit red, and all of us quite tired, so we had a relaxing time on our balcony before bed.
I have several Hawaii posts planned for this week, I hope you will enjoy seeing the island of Oahu through our eyes!

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