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Monday, September 23

Hawaiian Islands Vacation / Oahu Day 2

 Our second full day in Hawaii began with a dip in the resort swimming pool.  I was lucky enough to get sunburned on our first day so I stayed under the umbrella while these two had a good time swimming.  Our agenda was pretty simple for the day, we opted into a timeshare presentation at the nearby Marriott Vacation Beach Club, partly because we were genuinely interested in their program, and partly to gain a huge discount on that evening's Paradise Cove Luau (our gift for attending).
ko olina oahu lagoon
ko olina oahu jw marriott
marriott vacation club ko olina family pool
 The views from the beach club were amazing.  And can you believe that swimming pool?!  We were actually really impressed by the rooms at the beach club - though we decided not to buy in at this moment in time.  I think with our desire to travel extensively in the future, a timeshare might be a good option down the road.
in room dining jw marriott ko olina
chocolate macadamia nut pie jw marriott ko olina
 After our presentation, it was time for lunch and naptime for Zion, so we headed back to our suite and ordered room service.  The food was so delicious!  I had a seafood bisque and Jerry had a burger, we split some coconut shrimp and then nibbled on a decadent chocolate macadamia nut mousse pie.
paradise cove luau canoe
 We arrived at the Luau shortly after they opened and took the counsel of our timeshare presenter heading directly to the activities area.  We went on a canoe ride, had polynesian body art tattooed upon our arms, made floral headbands with giant tropical leaves and snagged good viewing position for the presentations.
polynesian body art tattoo
hawaiian princess palm leaf floral headband
The cultural presentations were really fun!  From climbing a palm tree for the "Shower of Flowers" to a little hula dancing on the beach, they really immersed us in the Polynesian culture.  We learned the right way to open a coconut and Zion and I had a chance to learn a special hula dance.  I had no idea that a Luau is so much more than just a banquet and a show!
shower of flowers paradise cove
casting fishing net paradise cove luau
paradise cove luau hula dancers
 As the sun started to set it was time for our dinner and the main presentation - which by the time we sat down to eat, unfortunately it was so dark I didn't really capture much of the stage performance on camera.  The performers were very entertaining, the food was alright (I had limited options due to my dietary restrictions) but my favorite part of the evening was the sunset!
polynesian dancer paradise cove luau
sunset paradise cove
sunset paradise cove luau oahu

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  1. This pictures from your trip are gorgeous! So envious!

  2. Thanks darling! I feel like I am getting the hang of this DSLR! Now that I am back we should grab coffee sometime! :) I saw you are looking for a new apartment...are you leaving the heights!?


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