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Saturday, September 28

Hawaiian Islands Vacation / Oahu Day 3

 We woke up on our third day in Oahu ready for a day of relaxation and family fun at the beach.  We got out to the lagoon early enough to snag a good seat under a grass umbrella so we would have plenty of chance to slip into the shade.  We brought along sand toys, a kite and some fresh papaya.
 Zion had so much fun flying her first kite.  I was pleased with my decision to grab this $1 kite from the dollar spot at Target in the days leading up to our trip.  There was never a dull moment in our time at the beach, from building sand walls to snorkeling to relaxing and taking in the scenery - its incredible the amount of activities you can come up with as a family when you are on vacation.
 Before we left the beach, we rented a water hammock and floated around for a bit.  Have you ever tried one of these?  Zion was a little unsure at first, but in no time she was loving being out in the ocean with Jerry and I.  She even bravely jumped off the side in her life jacket once.
 After lunch and naps and picking up our rental car, we ventured toward the windward side of the island to Bayview Mini Putt & Zip Line.  Jerry and I had been talking about playing mini golf for months (I have never been) and I was determined to make it happen in Hawaii.  We chose Bayview because of their boast about being the only zip line in Oahu and thinking it might be fun to go ziplining for the first time as well.
Though the Zipline was short and sweet, it was great for our first time.  I definitely want to do more Ziplining!  It is a huge rush.  Zion loved seeing each of us zoom down as well.  Afterwards, Jerry taught Zion how to putt while I fumbled my way through the course.  I had no idea mini golf was so fun!  Unfortunately for me, our fun was cut short by the infestation of mosquitos at this course - in an hour I got about 15 bites and they gave me huge welts all over my legs!
We made it through about 15 holes before giving in to the mosquitos.  After that we were hungry (and I was itchy) so we asked the staff at Bayview for local food recommendations.  We ended up heading to a burger joint called Teddy's Bigger Burger - and were happy we did.  I chose the Kaneohe burger which was super tasty, along with parmesan garlic fries and an obligatory chocolate peanut butter milkshake.

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  1. So much fun! We had such a great time in Hawaii, a vacation we will never forget!

  2. Claire@ALittleClaireificationOctober 01, 2013

    How fun!!! Looks like an awesome vacation! It's hard to get the family to Hawaii since we are way over here in FL but it's on the list. :)

  3. I'm pretty sure the only reason we finally went was because we were so close being in Alaska at the time. It just ended up working out! You should definitely make a trip there happen at some point - it is stunningly beautiful!


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