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Monday, September 16

Little Mermaid Inside Beach Fun Day

The Little Mermaid Inside Beach Fun Day #DisneyPrincessPlay #Shop
When I was selected to be a part of a sponsored post for Collective Bias celebrating The Little Mermaid toys and #DisneyPrincessPlay, I felt inspired to put together a play day that would celebrate all of Zion's fun personality traits and combine many of her favorite activities.  There are few things that my daughter, Zion, loves more than a day at the beach.  Right up there with the sand, water and sunshine is her undeniable love of pretend play.  She is both creative and imaginative, as well as sensitive and daring in her play.
The Little Mermaid Story Play Set & Story Book from Disney Walmart #Shop
Our supplies for this Little Mermaid inspired Inside Beach Fun Day included the Disney Little Mermaid Story Play Set found at Walmart, The Little Mermaid story book and, of course, an Ariel dress up outfit, fit for my little princess herself, and completed with Ariel's princess tiara.  We also grabbed some "Under the Sea" inspired craft supplies and baking supplies.

One of Zion's favorite pretend activities is to set up an "inside beach" which was inspired by Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood on PBS.  So our first activity (after getting dressed up in our Disney Princess outfit) was setting up our beach for the day.  We used a sand colored sheet for our sandy beach, a beach towel and beach toys, The Little Mermaid figurines and water colored clothes and towel for the ocean.
Disney The Little Mermaid Play Set with Ariel, Flounder Toy and Sebastian Toy #shop
How cute are these Little Mermaid toys!?  I am a sucker for the Sebastian toy as he is definitely my favorite character from the movie.  I love how the story set even includes the villainous Ursula and the loveable sheep dog, Max.  Zion's favorite is, Ariel, of course!  She'd rather keep Ursula out in the ocean far away from her serene little beach.

While we played in our pretend sand, we enjoyed the soundtrack of the movie, which we were able to stream.  When the boisterous "Poor Unfortunate Souls" played, Zion asked me, "Why does Ursula sound like a man when she sings?"  Haha, out of the mouth of kiddos.  We definitely had some laughs about that.  Even as I write this I still have "Kiss the Girl" playing in the background of my mind.
Disney The Little Mermaid Soundtrack on Spotify #shop
The Little Mermaid Dress-Up Costume and Story book #shop
I had originally suggested to Zion that we watch The Little Mermaid movie during our beach party, but she asked that we read the story version instead this time around.  We will be adding The Little Mermaid Collector's Edition to our movie library when it comes out on Blu-Ray (for the first time) October 1st so that we can have a special viewing party - it is one of my favorite movies from my childhood!
Ariel, Flounder Toy and Sebastian Toy #Shop
Under the Sea Craft inspired by Disney Princess The Little Mermaid #shop
Setting up an Inside Beach Little Mermaid inspired playdate #shop
After our story time, we got our craft on with some glittery foam sea stickers.  Arts and crafts are always a huge hit in our home and I love seeing Zion branch out in her creativity.  For this Little Mermaid inspired "Under the Sea" craft, I had expected Zion to just stick to placing a few of the foam stickers on our heavy construction paper, but what she ended up with is just so awesome!  By placing multiple stickers on top one another she built this gorgeous 3D scene.  I would have never, in my methodical type-a world, come up with that result!  She was pretty excited about it too, and you can tell it was hard to get her to hold it still long enough to share it with you.
Little Mermaid Ariel Tiara Disney Walmart dress-up #shop
We couldn't end our Inside Beach Fun Day without a little refreshment inspired by our theme.  So we baked gluten-free mini chocolate cupcakes and decorated them with light green and blue frosting, pearls and some of the yellow glitter foam stickers.  These cupcakes would make a perfect addition to a Little Mermaid themed birthday party or even a beach themed baby shower.  Did I mention that Zion has picked up my love for baking?  Yeah, she loves to bake and cook with me - which I fully embrace because it was one of the things I was most looking forward to doing with her as she became old enough to participate.
Under the Sea Mini Cupcakes Gluten-Free #shop
Gluten-Free Mini Cupcakes Under the Sea #shop
Disney Princess Little Mermaid Costume and Tiara #shop
As we wrapped up our inside beach fun day, we couldn't leave without a swim in the ocean.  This Little Mermaid princess had a blast "splashing and swimming" and giggling all the while as she took a dip in our pretend sea.

Have you ever had a pretend play day with your kids?  Which Disney Princess does your little one love the most?  

For more great Little Mermaid playdate inspiration check out our "Under the Sea" Pinterest board:



  1. Lauren LoeffelSeptember 18, 2013

    This is SUCH a cute idea! My daughter and I love the Little Mermaid! She would love activities that involved Ariel! :) Thanks for sharing!

  2. How cute is this playdate?!?!? I love it!! Your daughter is just precious and it looks like you guys had a ton of fun. Thanks for sharing and giving great ideas. :)

  3. The cupcakes turned out great, and we had a blast. :) Would have been fun to have you!

  4. Thanks Pam! Zion had so much fun, and really so did I!

  5. Thanks for stopping in Deanna! We had so much fun.

  6. Thanks Lauren, she is sort of timid about seeing the actual movie because of Ursula, but I know when she finally does - she will love it as much as I did!

  7. Thanks Taylor! I don't always feel like I'm the "fun" thank you for that!

  8. Alea is such a cutie too! Wouldn't it be fun to get our girls together!?

  9. Thanks Kristy! We love pretend play here...and inside beaches are always a hit with my little lady!

  10. Barb- Second Chance to DreamSeptember 18, 2013

    She is so cute and looks like she's having a blast!

  11. Thank you!! She really had a great time!

  12. I have never had a pretend play date but I am all over this one and replicating right away
    Such wonderful ideas and tips
    You rocked that indoor beach!!!
    I am afraid in my case the mess will be big because I have to recreate snow but can't wait for the fun!

  13. What fun!! And how cute!! Oh my goodness, Maddie would have loved this!

  14. Those cupcakes look so great! Little Mermaid is my favorite also. Cute girl!!

  15. Claire@ALittleClaireificationSeptember 19, 2013

    Those cupcakes are so beautiful and fun!! I love the whole "inside beach fun" theme! Your little gal is precious!

  16. Absolutely adorable!!!

  17. Thanks Claire! I had a great time doing this with her. Pretty proud of my cupcakes too!

  18. I'm so glad I inspired you! SNOW!? Oh man that sounds like a blast!!

  19. Looks like a great time :) Your little one is Adorable!


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