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Sunday, September 8

We're Back! In New York City!

Six months later, we've finally said our good-byes to the Last Frontier and made our way back to the polar opposite - the big city!  Zion and I arrived safely this morning and are busy getting reacquainted with our home here, unpacking, realizing how disorganized we were when we left, etc.  

Something about our return here feels different and good.  Maybe the break will give us a perspective change, and we'll appreciate things we've missed about this crazy city we call home.  It definitely felt good to have sunshine and warm weather after being flooded with rain and cooler temperatures in Anchorage.

Not all is bliss though, we had to say good-bye to hubby/daddy for over a month while he finishes business in Anchorage --- a parting that was met with a lot of tears and heartache.  I think if I can manage to stay busy and connected it will go by a lot faster, its the lonely nights that will be the hardest for me.

It will be a little quiet around these parts this week, though I am determined to finish our Hawaii vacation posts and share the Anchorage coffeehouse tour I did on my birthday.  Talk soon!


  1. Glad you are safely back in NYC. Sorry you aren't all together for a time, but praying the time passes quickly for you.

  2. Thanks Sarah! We've done a little over 2 weeks but this will by far be the longest! Thankful that technology allows us video chat so we can feel more connected! Hope your FOOT heals up quickly! Ouch!


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