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Tuesday, October 1

Don't Call Me Beautiful

For most of my life
I have struggled
with my body image.

I have struggled
with measuring up
to what I believed was 
often based on
 the culture of the moment.
I've always been 
about my long nose,
rosy red cheeks
my long second toes.
No matter what I've weighed,
or even what size I've worn,
I've looked into the mirror
and often felt

Where does this devaluation come from?

I can look at society,
and I can 
point the blame.

What would that really solve?


We have it all…

Our culture tells us to first:
be skinnier,
be more fashionable,
be this skin color or that,
follow this trend,
buy this brand,
do this,
and definitely,
don't do that
then we will
feel good
about ourselves.

And we've believed them.

They tell us to
change first,
then we will love
our body.

But does that work?

Do you really spend time
taking care of the things in your life
that you don't
Challenge yourself to
thinking that
changing yourself
will result in
finally loving yourself.

thinking that
loving yourself 
will give you
the motivation to
make positive changes.

When I look in the mirror,   
I still struggle to see 
an acceptable version of myself.  
In searching for the root cause 
of my inability to accept and enjoy where I am, 
I realized that I have to 
first love and accept my body
 to see myself 
the way I truly am.


Let us start choosing to 
our bodies,
to value the gift and function
of each and every

And in loving them 
how they are now,
let us watch as
we begin to take better care,
and see ourselves
how we've always wanted 
to be seen.

I'm starting with
my nose,
and ending with
my toes.

This is an abbreviated post from the BaxtronLife archive.  For the previous version click here.


  1. I love this. I spent so long worrying about my body and issues. I wrote about it in an old blog of mine. I think you might relate to it in some way (I know it's faux pas to link your own things to other people's work but here it is regardless:

    Good luck in your 31 says of beauty, I look forward to reading more.


  2. jinglebellstimeOctober 08, 2013

    Great post! I struggle with this as well and wish I didn't!

  3. Thank you! I wish none of us did!


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