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Wednesday, October 2

Playing with Makeup

Something that I missed out on as a young girl was learning about makeup from my mother.  My mother believed that spending a lot of time on your outward appearance was a waste.  Keeping it simple, I'm pretty sure she never wore more than blue eyeliner and mascara.  
I understand to a degree what she was trying to instill in my sisters and I, but I think she took things to an extreme where there could have been a more balanced approach.  I really didn't know or understand how to apply makeup until my 20's.  I definitely wore makeup in high school, but I had no idea what I was doing, and looking back, I know I had it all wrong.

Now in fresh into my 30's I'm a bit obsessed with makeup!  I love playing with it.  I love creating fun looks and experimenting with the products.  I don't feel like I necessarily need to hide behind makeup - but I do feel more confident, and more motivated when I wear it.  I've been considering getting certified in makeup artistry because I enjoy doing it so much!
One of my best friends here in New York, Sara, came over this week and I asked her if she'd be willing to let me do her makeup.  I wanted to see what it would be like to create a look on someone else.  She was so willing and laid back about it, something I just love about her personality.  

Sara is beautiful without a touch of makeup on and she is beautiful with bold makeup on.  This is worth thinking about.  When I see Sara, I don't notice her makeup or lack of it.  I see her smile, hear her laughter and enjoy her warm personality.  Perhaps beauty is a reflection of the soul? 

I really love the way this bold look turned out on her.  She doesn't venture into bold looks very often, so I was really concerned about what she thought of it.  She left with makeup still on, so I have to believe she was willing to rock it, at least for the evening!  I enjoyed doing her makeup.  I love using my creative side in any capacity and I think that there is a possibility of me doing more makeovers in the future.

What is your view of makeup?  Is it a waste of time or is it a confidence booster?


  1. I used to wear makeup a lot when I was in high school and college. I used to wear this dark lipstick by Revlon. It was the colorstay line in raisin. I wonder if they still have that? Anyway, I stopped wearing makup sometime in 2005 when I realized I was paying $100 for makeup to make it look like I wasn't wearing makeup! It was cheaper to just not wear it.

    But now I'm starting to miss it a bit. I am starting to wear creams to smooth out my complexion, and I've always loved mascara. When I do background work on films, I do the whole shebang (unless they ask me not to) so I can show up on the cameras. :) And I've started wearing lip gloss again.

    My husband doesn't like makeup, which is one reason I didn't wear it. But I also realized that when I put on the bb cream or the mascara, he doesn't even notice. He DOES notice and very vocally talks about how he hates lipstick if I wear it, but sometimes I just want to wear it for ME, you know? (My color of choice is O by Mac.)

    So, my feelings are... makeup can be fun, and it can certainly enhance the best of you, AND it can extreme and a lot of fun. THAT isn't me. But I do wear it when I want to look more polished, I just don't want to get dependent on it (other than pressed powder to calm the shine in my nose). I definitely don't think it's a waste of time, but I don't think it's completely necessary to go all out all the time either. :)

    Hopefully this goes through--my computer is still giving me fits on your site!

  2. It came through!! I had to google Revlon "Raisin" and MAC "O" after reading this to get the visual - beautiful colors! I go through stretches where I don't have time to do makeup and that is ok, but I always feel more confident and put together when I leave the house with at least lip stick (or gloss) and mascara. Its not so much about how the world sees me, but how I see myself. If I feel good about the way I look, I feel more confident and ready to face the world.

  3. Sara KitsonOctober 09, 2013

    I loved it!!! I rocked it! Little Aiden loved the lipstick best... I will conveniently come by now, whenever I need to be made up! LOL

  4. I'm happy to do your makeup whenever you want to come and play! :)


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