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Wednesday, October 30

Hawaiian Islands Vacation: Oahu Day 4
Part 1: Hanauma Bay

 I'm back with more of our Hawaii vacation pictures, and still determined to finish sharing them!  Today I want to share our trip to Hanauma Bay Nature Preserve.  Snorkeling at this location is epic and a must-do activity if you visit the island of Oahu.  The water is crystal clear, and the reef is stunning!
We arrived to Hanauma Bay early so we could make the cut off (they limit the number of people and once the limit is met, the bay is closed.  I've also heard that the water gets more murky as the day progresses, so the best snorkeling is first thing in the morning when they open.

Sadly, you can tell that a lot of the reef closest to the shore has been damaged by human contact, and even with the crowd control measures in place I think they still allow too many people in the area at a time.  We still were thrilled by our experience here, and think you should definitely put this on your must-see list when you visit Oahu.

Also, I totally recommend buying a Lifeproof case for your iPhone if you don't have an underwater digital camera.  We picked one up the evening before for about $80 and we loved being able to take photos underwater.

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