Thursday, October 31

New from Our Generation

 Zion has a mini-me now!  How cute is this doll from Our Generation?  When a representative of Our Generation reached out a couple of weeks ago to see if I'd be interested in reviewing some of their newest items, I couldn't wait to see Zion's reaction when she opened the box.  I honestly hadn't really discovered Our Generation dolls and accessories before this.  Kind of shocking considering how much I love Target!

In case you've missed out as well, let me just tell you how awesome these dolls are!  They come in a a huge variety - so it is very likely you can find one that looks very similar to your little girl.  The outfits and accessories are so cute, modern and fun - also a huge variety available.  They even have these fantastic playsets like an RV camper set, laundry room set and horse barn.  I was amazed when I started browsing the Our Generation collection on

Our Generation just launched a few new items for the Holiday season.  Me & You Outfit Sets ($29.99) feature beautiful matching attire for your little girl and her doll to wear.  As you can see in the pictures above, it really brings out the similarities of the doll and Zion.  I was impressed that these outfits are made so well.  The dress set we received could easily be worn out to a Holiday party.  The new Me & You Outfit sets come in six different styles, shown below.
Our Generation Me & You Outfit Sets

Our Generation has also created a couple of new interactive accessory kits: Me & You Jewellery Set and Me & You Tutu Set ($15.00/ea).  Each set provides instructions and materials to create fun accessories for both your child and their Our Generation doll.  We played around with the jewelry set, which comes with 5 wooden rounds and plenty of different ribbons to make these creative wrap bracelets.

The bracelets were very easy to make, though will require some help from a parent for oversight.  Even though the kit came with embroidery thread as well as ribbon, I did find that it was very difficult to untie the embroidery thread to be able to use it for the bracelets.  Other than that, I felt the kit was a lot of fun for Zion and I to do together.
Now that we've discovered the Our Generation doll collection at Target, I know we will be browsing the selection frequently.  We already picked up a new ballet outfit this past week and a cute little pug puppy dog for her doll.  Thankfully, the prices are really good, most outfits are between $10-$20 depending on how many accessories are included.  The dolls are usually right around $20!

Are you familiar with the Our Generation brand at Target?  What doll would you choose for your little girl?


  1. Oh my goodness!! That is SO cute!! Love it!

  2. How awesome! This reminds me of dressing up with my American Girl Doll as a kid!


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