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Sunday, November 3

Fairbanks, Alaska

It is hard to believe that almost two months ago we left our temporary home in Alaska.  Being back in New York has been wonderful, it is after all, our home, for now, but I miss the slower pace of life.  I had meant to post these pictures from the last weekend trip we took up to Fairbanks to visit my biological mom.  Her husband was out volunteer firefighting and she needed a little break from the small town of Nenana.

We picked her up on Saturday midday and then took her up to Fairbanks to stay with us for the night.  We visited local attractions in Fairbanks.  Zion was extremely entertaining and talkative the entire time.  It was a beautiful and wonderful weekend.  One that I will warmly remember.  Saying good-bye to my mother is always difficult for me, because she hasn't been in great health over the last few years and continues to be in an environment that is mostly negative.  Good-byes with her always leave me wondering whether or not it will be the last time I see her.  This time was slightly different.  I couldn't entirely shake that same feeling but I left with a feeling of peace.  It was such a good weekend, she enjoyed her time with Zion so much and it was clear it was a good escape for her.

Featured in the pictures above: Pioneer Park // Downtown Fairbanks // Santa Claus House // Nenana River.

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