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Friday, November 1

Hawaiian Islands Vacation: Oahu Day 4
Part 2: Sea Life Park

 After exploring Hanauma Bay, we headed to Oahu's Sea Life Park.  Zion had requested to see the sea turtles as well as see dolphins while we were in Hawaii, so this part of the trip was specifically for her.  We arrived at the park in the peak of the day with plenty of time to explore before the Dolphin Show began.  I wouldn't add this park to your must-do list, in fact, if it weren't for Zion wanting to see the Dolphins we would have skipped it all together.

Although it was a cool experience for her to feed the sea turtles and watch the dolphins, the park itself is in a depressing condition.  It seems like it is not well maintained and the animals seemed to be sequestered in tiny spaces.  It was hard to feel okay with it.  It seemed to me that the main motivation of the park is to make money at the expense of the animals.  With how much money is charged for entry, along with concessions, you would think that they could do a better job of maintaining the park and creating attractive living spaces for the animals there.
Possibly two of the best things about the park are the giant playground structure in the center of it and the story of the only "Whalfin" that exists in the world.  Yep, after a whale and dolphin mated while at the park, a "whalfin" was born.  It has a very interesting look and definitely unlike anything I've ever seen before.

Though we had mixed feelings about the park overall, we know Zion loved seeing the dolphin show and feeding the sea turtles.  She was pretty excited about the dolphin shaped trash receptacles as well.

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