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Monday, November 25

Hawaiian Islands Vacation: Oahu Day 5

I've got the 2nd to last installment of our Hawaii vacation up, finally!  Day 5 was easily one of our favorites.  We woke up early and headed to the North Shore, our first stop at Waimea Bay for a swim.  That stop didn't last very long after we realized the huge almost immediate drop off and strong surf would be too dangerous for our little water baby.  We headed just down the road to Three Tables beach where there are three table-like rocks that create a barrier for the surf allowing slightly calmer water and a longer descent before the drop off.  We still had to have a hand on Zion the whole time, but it was a blast and we spent a good chunk of our morning there.
After our time in the waves, we walked over to a nearby tide pool next to an area called Shark's Cove.  We spent about an hour wading around watching little schools of fish before both the husband and the daughter were ready to de-prune our hands and feet.  Next we headed to find the Shrimp Shack as well as some Hawaiian Shaved Ice.
Let's just say we were not disappointed!!  Of course we learned (too late) after that there was an even better shrimp truck in the awesome surf town of Hale'iwa, not to mention a ton of awesome shops to check out.  For this reason we simply must revisit Oahu and the North Shore.  Our day ended with us racing to get our rental car back on time, passing the Dole Pineapple plantation and really funky looking evergreen trees.
We got back to our hotel room just in time to take in a gorgeous sunset and relax for our last night in Hawaii.

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