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Monday, November 25

The Verdict - Lancome DreamTone

I received complimentary Lancome DreamTone in exchange for an honest review via SheSpeaks.  All opinions are my own.
Lancome DreamTone is a new customized skin tone correcting serum that claims to diminish dark spots, even skin tone and visibly reduce the imperfections like redness, sallowness and acne marks, over time.  DreamTone is available in three different formulas based on skin tone: fair, medium and dark.
Lancome DreamTone Results #DreamTone #BareSelfie
After 7 days of use
I used Lancome DreamTone in the fair formula for just over 4 weeks.  Directions say to use the product twice a day just before moisturizing.  I used the product mostly one time per day because I am sensitive to products containing fragrances, especially when used on my face.  Luckily I didn't experience any irritation from the fragrance of this product.

After a week of using the product I did feel that my skin had a bit more of a glow, but not anything dramatic.  I have rosy red cheeks, sometimes it looks like I have rosacea, though it is actually a malar rash a result of my having a very mild case of Lupus.  I am always interested to see what effect, if any, a skin tone correcting product will have on it.
Lancome DreamTone Results #DreamTone #BareSelfie #Review
After 4 weeks of use
After four weeks of using Lancome DreamTone I felt more confident with my naked face.  I am happy that the fragrance didn't irritate my skin, at least using it once daily as I chose to.  I feel that my face does seem a bit more even, even brighter in some areas.  I also noticed a slight reduction in the redness on my forehead and chin, maybe a little bit on my cheeks as well.

Overall, I do think that continued use of Lancome DreamTone will improve the overall appearance of my skin, so I am definitely a fan of the product after using it.  I imagine that using it twice daily will amplify these results as well.  You can purchase Lancome DreamTone for $98 at or at department stores nationwide.


  1. Thanks for the great review..I've been eyeing this one since its release..

  2. HarlemLoveBirdsNovember 26, 2013

    I was interested in this product esp b/c of the classifications of light/med/dark. I'm always in the market for an evener and brightener, but like you am sensitive to fragrances. I too have a mild case of discoid lupus which affects my scalp - I work hard to reduce stress so I don't get flare ups. I appreciate your honest review!

  3. I had no idea you had mild lupus! I can't stand it when fragrances are put in makeup - it is totally unnecessary and not good for our skin!


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